Macau 2011: Legend of the Dragon Boat Races

An Intense Drummer

Where the Dragons Sleep
Dragons are often thought of as mystical creatures which guard castles and evildoers in western fables, but this is a far cry from the historical presence of dragons in Chinese folklore. Here, dragons are powerful and auspicious...Read More »

The China Guan: Shanghai

The China Guan

“The China Guan” is my way of calling this amazing 2010 World Expo pavilion that still receives thousands of visitors per day in Shanghai. The building is a tribute to traditional Chinese architecture dating back to the Spring and Autumn Period...Read More »

Tibet Trip 2011 Caught on Tape!

During the Chinese new year of 2011, I traveled with my brother (Nick) and cousin (Jake) through Hong Kong, Macau, Guangdong, Yunan, and Tibet. It was Jake’s first time in Asia and I know he got memories of a life time. It was Nick’s second trip to China and we...Read More »

Vibrating Mode: Earthquakes Around Asia 2011

Recent Quake Location

It seems every couple days there is another earthquake punching holes in the topography of Asia, and across the world too. Zhuhai, where I’m currently living, also has shaken a few times in the past year. I hadn’t felt a tremor before...Read More »

Ben's Trip to Thailand: A Surprise in Phuket

Jake and Me in Phuket

If Phuket was a sound it would be “Ngaaaaa,” which starts low and gets high pitched. That is the sound walking down any major street near the beach village. What is making this strange sound you ask? That would...Read More »

Tibetan New Year in 2011

What we learned from our guide and how he perceives life in Tibet with the top 2 spiritual leaders in exile.

Tibetan man and Me in Lhasa

Talking to Tibetans about how they see modern Tibet is something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time...Read More »

A Super-Sized Metropolis in China?

A Guess from The Telegraph

A metropolis of humongous purportions is said to be in the works for southern China, although there are reports on this being false. The cities of  Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan, Jiangmen, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Huizhou and Zhaoqing would merge together, theoretically,...Read More »

Pre-Tibet Hike to Heng Mountain

Mt. Heng Summit

Staying in the Florida of China for months makes winter a little less bareable each year. So, before leaping into the unforgiving frost of Tibet in Winter (as I’m told its quite chilly up there), I decided to pay a visit...Read More »

Expat Blogging in Asia

AsianLiving.ME is not really an expat site, although expats can find it useful. The health, lifestyle, and cooking tips are meant for people trying to live a better life in their own country. That is one of the major differences that AL.ME offers to readers.

There are countless blogs that support...Read More »

Oh-Bama! China's Fountain of Youth

A River in Bama County
This week I’d like to uncover a hidden gem for all Asian Living readers. It is a natural occurrence which is not 100% understood by scientists, but honestly, is science the only way to understand our world? Reality slaps us...Read More »

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