Volunteer Blogs of Asia

From my experience, there are a number of blogs that are dedicated to helping the poor and underpriviledged of Asia. (Here- specifically China) One blog that has paid its dues and done many amazing projects along the way is the Blog of Dreams. It was started by American teachers in China who are trying to improve education in rural areas and provide scholarship opportunities.

Another website devoted to helping improve rural education is Beyond Distributed (buduanwang.cn), a volunteer organization set up by a very warm-hearted Taiwanese doctor. She keeps an office in the Entreprenuerial labs of my university in Zhuhai. A group of 50+ students at the university donate their time to teach Math, Chinese, English, and other subjects to students in rural China. This is an amazing effort that I support too. I’m helping them develop the Online English learning service that they will use to earn money to support ongoing volunteer work.

[update] Duke Engage is a growing program that supports undergraduate students who are willing to do a summer of volunteer work. I had the chance to meet and discuss the program with Duke professor Hsiao-Mei Ku, who is also a violinist of the Ciompi Quartet. Their program in Zhuhai teaches local students English through various engaging activities.