Drink Soy Milk- Its Not Dangerous!

After starting to type “soy…” into google, I got a quick suggestion of “soy milk dangers” and I immediately chuckled. Anyone who is saying that “soy products are harmful to you! Don’t drink them!” are just trying to sell you something in its place. I promise. As with all health-media frenzies, it is about controlling a multi-billion dollar industry: FOOD. We all think that nutrition scientists have something important to tell us, but they really don’t. As long as you eat and drink products that are as close to natural as possible, and in moderation, you will be fine.  But avoid too many modified products, because you don’t want scientists getting between you and your food, right?

Vitasoy Original
        Vitasoy Original

Sometimes I drink Vitasoy, which is a Hong Kong company’s export to the Mainland. The Original flavor is pretty low in sugar and contains no GM soybeans. [Genetically Modified] Sometimes I’ll drink 100% fruit juice from Huiyuan, a chinese juice company, and it is not cheap compared to other juice alternatives. (Coca-cola attempted to buy Huiyuan a year ago) But that is the reality of the modern grocery store; companies often disguise corn-based additives, sugar, and water by putting a flashy, fruit-cornucopia label on it. Spend a little more on real food now, so that you spend a little less at the doctor’s office later.

  • Girly Glamours

    soy milk is so dangerous that we shouldn’t even be in the same building as it when it’s prepared, not talking about how deadly awfully dangerous it is to drink it and poison your body!!!

    • Anonymous

      @12f2cee6b7cb13ff1cc020b900e4713c:disqus Really?! You hate soy milk a lot.. what did it ever do to you? 🙂