The Italian Noodle Finally Comes Home

Italian Chinese Meal

Any discussion about Italian food in China is bound to curtail into how pasta originated in China over 4,000 years ago[*]. I would say the Chinese have perfected the noodle over years of trial ‘n error, mostly due to their choice of seasonings. (My favorite Chinese noodles to this day are from the north and are pulled thick just prior to being tossed in a savory broth or pan-fried with seafood.)

Getting back to Italia, and the point of my post today, I’d like to show off my new preference for the decades-old family tradition of “Monday Night S’ghetti!” Like with many of the meals I cook I highlight portion control, so you’ll often just need cereal bowls instead of plates. Also, chopsticks are useful in order to take smaller bites and to drain excess oil from your food.

One Serving of S'ghetti

I bought multi-grained, spiral pasta from the import store here in Zhuhai. Then, I boiled it with a pinch of salt and dollop of sesame oil. (You can use olive oil if you want. Any oil works!)  What is often missing in our S’ghetti Night routine is a big portion of vegetables. So, when the noodles are ready I begin to cook my veges. Follow my simple Green Vege recipe here.  Meatballs are common place at a meal like this. You continue with your normal tradition, although I didn’t add meat in this meal.

Fresh bread with some butter is a common part of the tradition, so this is present too. Dip your bread into your spaghetti sauce to add flavor instead of using butter, which is often how it’s done across the world! Pour your spaghetti sauce onto your noodles, add a splash of grated-cheese if you want, and Voile! The S’ghetti Night tradition has made it’s way back to the Orient, and hopefully it was simple!