Coffee for Tea Drinkers

Japanese Coffee ~ Drip On!
Japanese Coffee ~ Drip On!

Back when I was living in the States as a student, I was definitely hooked on take-away coffee. It was the ultimate wake up juice, even though the sugar was probably what helped out most. But when I think about it a bit harder, it was probably that scent which pulled at me most. Drinking the coffee was nice, but smelling it was even better… Charlie Harper once said (in his infinite wisdom) that his coffee tasted “Christmasy… and anything was possible!” In my case, my coffee smells Sunrisey and anything is possible!

Fast-forward six years. I’m in the tea capital of the world, China. Tea is served for free at meals with little bits ‘n pieces swirling around in every cup. It’s enjoyed by 100s of millions in travel mugs, much like how we carry coffee. But, the benefits of green tea deliver a scientifically-based pounding on coffee. Their culture started to drink it because it was healthy first, and tasted good second.

As in any new environment, we find a way to adapt; and one of my major adaptations has been a switch to tea drinking. Not the tea ‘n crumpets lifestyle, but rather the loose tea ‘n rice lifestyle. And now when I go back home for a visit, I realize I still love coffee but not in the same way.

Drip Bag Coffee
Drip Bag Coffee

Now I drink it in small cups or half-filled mugs. It’s a sipping drink rather than a gulping drink. I drink it black, rather than beige. As for sugar… I’ll just eat a sweet pastry or fruit instead. The weird thing is that it’s not about being health conscious, it’s just how I feel comfortable. It’s my new normal. Unlike a “diet”, which is inherently temporary in every sense of the word!

When I’m travelling in Asia, or when I’m just craving the coffee smell in my apartment, I just rip open a one-time-use, mini filter. This product is popular in Japan and I can’t find it anywhere else online. As an import in China, I can find a 24-pack for 85RMB ($13). I just rip open a package, pull the paper flaps over a mug, and pour water into the mini filter a few times, and voile! I have the best smelling, Sunrisey drink at my finger tips.

Life is Good, even for tea drinkers!

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