What do you Wear to a Naked Wedding in China?

Naked Wedding
Naked Wedding

Naked weddings (裸婚) are the latest craze in China! They are so popular nowadays, especially among the younger generation. But why do so many people decide to go through with a naked wedding? Although most parents aren’t happy about this latest marriage trend, it is very difficult to avoid it. And if there is going to be a naked wedding, and you get an invitation, what should you wear? The answer might surprise you…

Nothing! True. But actually… you won’t need to make a choice because you won’t be attending a marriage ceremony at all. There are no invitations, no reservations, no cakes, and certainly no rented penguin suits. No speeches, no crashers, no awkward reunions, and no bachelor’s party. The young couple actually goes to the government to register for a marriage certificate without holding a special event. Sorry to break the bad news… (especially for some of you weirdos out there, like my cousin Jake!) But now you might be wondering, why?

The standard Chinese groom is expected to provide a house and car for his new family, but that is becoming harder and harder in this new economic reality. Since the cost of homes has been increasing by 10% or more annually* , most young men have no way to afford starting a family. This leads to penny-pinching for celebrations and increased savings. Alas, anything for the American dream…

So, don’t get too excited, nervous, or upset; the naked wedding is a modern reality for those whose hopes of a fairytale marriage got delayed. The groups of super-rich, and new rich, are having fun buying up lots of property around the country, which increases prices for the average couples who just want to live a happy and better life. Unfortunately, it’s going to take a lifetime of the daily-grind to get them there.

[This post is dedicated to my brother, Nick, who recently proposed to his girlfriend! They already have a house and a car, thank God!]