Ben’s Dragon Year 2012

The Chinese New Year 2012 holidays have finished but I’ve had a great time visiting friends in both Taiwanand Wuhan. (I’ve posted photos in my Photo Album on QQ.) I was told that Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangdong province ID holders are allowed to visit Taiwan without a tour group now. So, if you are from one of these places, take advantage of your new freedom soon!

And, by the way, Wuhan is hiding most of China’s beautiful women (and handsome men) from the rest of the country!  

 图片   图片 (Alishan, Taiwan)                                                          (Wuhan, Hubei)

 But the holiday is over and it’s time to get back to work! I’m very excited about this year because a lot of positive changes are coming and I hope that all of my students (past and present) can enjoy this new year with me. Although I will be teaching my last term at Jinan University, Zhuhai (Spring 2012),I will be continuing in China as a professor, author, and company partner. All of these areas are key in my professional growth and I know my students can benefit from this too!

Professor: As you may know, I’ve been teaching English courses through my online training school, and at universities, companies, and private training centers since 2004. I will continue teaching advanced English courses in various subjects through my partner schools in Zhuhai, Zhongshan, and Guangzhou. Specifically, I’m planning to use my own text books and new methods to teach spoken English to both students and professionals. It will be exciting to see this develop and I’m looking forward to teaching others about S4 English Pronunciation. Also, talk to me if you are going to take IELTS soon…

Author: As some of my JNU students know, I’ve become heavily involved in the development of a revolutionary way to learn spoken English. My students sound like native speakers and score higher than their classmates on spoken English exams. Visit the free S4 study page on EFET. You don’t have to be a college student to be a successful English speaker either. As long as you are comfortable with a system like Pinyin, you will succeed with S4 English Pronunciation. My first books in 2012 include Hotel English and Dating a Foreigner in English. The first edition of Hotel English will be available as an iBook for Apple usersinternationally and the printed book will be available in the specialized courses I teach in my new training company, 博识 (Bo Shi).

Company Partner:  博识管理咨询有限公司 is a joint-venture based on my US-based training company called Boss Language Training LLC and a Chinese training company partner in Zhuhai. (Website coming soon…)  We offer advanced training courses for companies and individuals through our network of training centers all over Zhuhai (in-person). Our primary course offering includes economics, management, HR, and language programs (English and Japanese). Online training is also offered through my online academy, EFET. Furthermore, we offer certificate programs through Zhuhai’s Labor Department, which is highly useful in getting promotions at your company and around China.

2012 is off to a great start! At present I’m not hiring full-time staff, but I am interested in hiring qualified people on a per-task basis. Some tasks include typing, marketing, and sales for Bo Shi and my own books. I will post these tasks here in Qzone when I need help. Other ways to work with me include active participation on S4 pronunciation, since I know most students following my Qzone want to improve their English! Follow@jieminglaoshi for #天天S4# updates!

Best wishes in the Year of the Dragon!