Getting Poked: A Chinese Way to Lose Weight


Acupuncture, as with massage, is often misunderstood by the West. Although Traditional Chinese Medicine is gaining popularity, this procedure looks more like a painful circus act than anything truly healthful. With a little bit of belief, it actually serves many purposes for both repairing your body and staying healthy.

But even if you wanted to try acupuncture for whatever reason, where would you get it done? A flight to China isn’t exactly in the cards for most people… Here’s a map that might help you get started.

Recently an American friend of mine in China started going to a local acupuncturist in Zhuhai for weight loss. A combination of weekly acupuncture and massage has helped him lose 20 pounds in the past 4-5 weeks. The long-term strategy with acupunture, he learned, includes two parts: 1) Processing the food you eat better by restoring balance in your system. 2) Control your appetite, and develop the habit of drinking water as opposed to sugary or caffinaited drinks.

It sounds straight forward but it is not a quick fix. Not everyone is starting at the same place or has the Asian-style eating culture around them. For instance, it is much easier to lose weight while running his trade company and living in China, as opposed to the fast-paced, car-driving life in much of the States. But with consistent treatment and support, acupuncture should make a big impact on your healthy dieting goals.