Asian Secret #10 White rice instead of Brown

Sticky white rice

Most of the rice consumed in Asian countries is white although Brown and Wild rice are more nutritious. So, why eat white rice?

Because many people think it tastes better and some of the healthiest diets in the world include this traditional staple. And contrary to what you often hear, it’s not harmful to your body to eat white rice, whereas butter and jam on white bread might be…

  • Pat

    Why is butter and jam on white bread bad for you?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Pat, good question. Much of my family back home would ask the same question. The only way to can explain this is by describing a chat over breakfast I had with my uncle over the holidays recently…

      He said “we shouldn’t eat white rice, right? It’s not good for you.” And I told him it’s completely fine to eat white rice within the context of a diet you choose, like Japanese, Chinese, or Indian. He still disagreed with me, but he said this while eating 2 large pancakes with syrup, 2 sausage links, and hashbrowns.

      No one questions the unhealthiness of sausage links, but we eat them anyway, right? I love the taste of butter and jam toast and I eat it occasionally too. What I’m saying in the Asian Secret is that if we are going to have standards, we should apply those standards to our entire diet, rather than compartmentalize our food choices.

      • Pat

        I see. Yeah, I’m Chinese and I eat white rice everyday but it’s always with meat lightly sauteed/eggs and vegetables. The meal as a whole is much healthier than the meal your uncle ate. I see. Thanks!

  • KingAdrock

    But why eat white rice INSTEAD of brown rice? The difference in cost and taste is marginal, yet brown rice is nearly twice as nutritious.