Asian Secret #24 Visit Farmer’s Markets

Meet your Farmer

Last week I visited Hengshan and found a big open-air market that had everything from bai cai, to toufu, to peppers and countless spices, to slaughtered animals, and many other natural products you could expect in a Chinese farmer’s market. What’s so enjoyable about these places is that they not only allow you to get close to the food you eat, but also let you shake the hand that harvested it.

Back state-side, farmer’s markets have gotten quite popular in recent years and shopping at them has become a weekly ritual for city and country folk alike.

Putting a refrigerator truck and 200 miles between you and your farmer has somewhat of a desensitizing effect, so it’s a good idea to try to get around the convenience of supermarkets and learn more about what’s up for grabs at farmer’s markets. You might be surprised by what you find!