Chinese Food Reactivity #3: Mushrooms and Toufu

Welcome to the third article based on the Xiangsheng Xiangke food chart that I posted in the “Foods that React to Each other“. Today we continue to cover combinations of food that are naturally healthy on their own, but Chinese traditions (and TCM) suggest they react to each other in various ways. Let’s start with a positive combination.


+ When you eat both mushrooms and toufu together, they help “reduce excess eat and clear toxins”, along with assisting in the “increasing air intake and excreting saliva”. From a Chinese prospective, these reactions are beneficial to your body. A mushroom/toufu dish is also a good combination because they “reduce phlegm/mucus, are anti-cancerous, reduce blood fat and blood pressure.”


– “The meat of shrimp contains [a kind of non-poisonous] arsenic, but when combined with tomatoes it will  restore some arsenic properties, also known as ‘white arsenic'”, and so, this combination should be avoided.

I’m pretty sure this means sliced tomatoes combined with shrimp in a sauce pan, rather than shrimp and cocktail sauce. This doesn’t mean you should stop eating them since any food in moderation won’t hurt you.

Here’s a decent recipe for Sugar Snap Peas, Mushrooms, and Toufu! Take a look:

A simple mushroom and toufu recipe!
A simple mushroom and toufu recipe!

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