Asian Secret #8 Morning exercise

Fan dancing in Shanghai

It’s not just for old people… Everyone should do morning exercise. Any kind of morning activity is fine, whether it be stretching, dancing, working out, etc. Doing something is better than waking up and going straight to work or class. Its not just because “it’s good for you”, its because you are getting your motor started. Your metabolism will get revving and that’s all you need to start a perfect day.

Start with 5-10 minutes everyday and you will have noticeably more energy everyday. Remember, it should be something you enjoy doing and not just another chore.

Asian Secret #7 1 cup coffee, 1 cup tea

Loose leaf Green Tea

Western science has discovered that the health benefits of tea greatly outweigh the benefits of coffee. But if you like coffee, keep drinking it. But challenge yourself today by drinking 1 cup of tea for every cup of coffee. That way you are not depriving yourself of the cancer-fighting polyphenol antioxidants in tea, especially green tea.

In fact, Green tea was used for medical purposes in ancient China and is now ubiquitous across Asia. If you follow just one Asian secret it should be this one! Continue reading Asian Secret #7 1 cup coffee, 1 cup tea

Asian Secret #4 Shell your nuts

Shell your nuts

Mindless munching is ubiquitous around the world. Being healthy doesn’t mean we have to stop munching, but we should make better choices before going on auto-pilot. If you like eating nuts consider the following…

Although pre-shelled nuts are easier to eat (and less messy), you might be missing out on natural benefits that come from unprocessed nuts. For instance, the reddish covering on peanuts promotes healthy blood platelet creation. Because of this, women should eat nuts more after their menzies… and less during.  🙂 Continue reading Asian Secret #4 Shell your nuts

Asian Secret #6 Walk after every meal

A walk after dinner

There’s a saying in ancient Chinese: “Walk 100 steps after every meal and you’ll live to 99 years old.” This is a reminder that food isn’t meant to sit- it should be moved around.

Avoid the following scenario: Drive to the restaurant, get out, go in, sit down, eat, then leave, drive home, and go directly into the house. This is a recipe for digestive disaster over the longer term.

And although many people may think that it should be a 30-45 minute “brisk” walk, it doesn’t have to be. Just a 5-10 minute walk around the block is worth it and does make a positive difference. Continue reading Asian Secret #6 Walk after every meal

Asian Secret #5 Better Mindless Munching

Munch on sunflower seeds

When watching a TV show or movie, it’s fine to munch, but its important to choose the right munchie. Traditionally, Asian cultures have developed the habit of unshelling nuts for mindless munching because it fills you slower. Eating sunflower seeds, for example, will give you the taste of food without making a meal out of the snack.

And remember, like my mother always says, everything in moderation. (Moms are really smart!)

Healthy Living resolution in 2013

Welcome to 2013!

It’s been a wonderful holiday back in the US with family and friends. This is definitely the best time of the year because it not only brings loved ones together but it also gives us an opportunity to start fresh again. And in that respect, this new year is no different from previous ones… everyone wants to improve something about their health.

When I asked my family about their New Years resolution I kept hearing a variation of “getting healthy” and that got me thinking… Why not do something easy for your health everyday throughout 2013? Yes, I said everyday. Continue reading Healthy Living resolution in 2013

Asian Secret #3 Still can’t sleep?

Evening exercise in China

Make sure to do some kind of evening activity after dinner. Excess calories can cause your body to get restless and the best cure for this is to use up that energy. Although you might have been told that exercise at night is not the best for you, doing some light exercise every evening is done by virtually all over-50s in China.

And during the daytime, ask yourself this question every meal: How will I use this fuel that’s going into my body today? Some types of fuel that are not burned end up turning into fat while you sleep.  Continue reading Asian Secret #3 Still can’t sleep?

Asian Secret #2 Trouble sleeping?

A warm cup of milk

There are countless natural ways to get more sleep. Sleeping pills should be a last resort.

Try drinking a cup of warm milk before going to bed tonight. Milk contains tryptophan, which is often attributed to the sleepy feeling you get after a turkey dinner.

Continue reading Asian Secret #2 Trouble sleeping?

Asian Secret #1 Hangover Cure

A Delicious Hangover Cure

Head ringing after ringing in the new year? Drink your meals today. Eat soup, porridge, or noodles.

A traditional Korean hangover cure called “Haejangguk” and has been eaten since the late 1300s contains cabbage and ox blood in beef soup. Chinese often eat Congee(porridge) to fight a hangover or illness. A savory congee for lunch is a great choice.

Whatever you do, make sure you get extra liquids and vegetables in your diet today. Feel better!

Continue reading Asian Secret #1 Hangover Cure