Rice or Bread?

rice and bread
Rice AND Bread

Ah, another timeless rivalry! Why are Asian people so thin when they eat bad-for-you White Rice all the time?? Isn’t Brown Rice better?? Well, I must say that I hate the flavor of brown rice. It tastes like “diet” cream cheese or “low fat” milk. It seems the flavor is missing…don’t you think?

White rice is a staple that Asian people generally find flavorful. It’s the bland base that keeps strongly cooked, but delicious, Asian food from hurting your stomach and body. Anyone familiar with drinking too much alcohol knows what happens when we over-power our bodies with any one thing. And so, too much salt or sugar is obviously not good for you. We need a simple staple, like bread or rice, to balance our systems.

Let me be clear though. I love bread too! Bread is yummy, but you should avoid overly processed breads that are common in American supermarkets and grocery stores. It should be a fresh, crispy baguette for example. The Europeans are getting it right with the way they bake, buy, and consume bread. Bread is not meant to be a shelved for weeks at a time. Make sure your staple is fresh and eat it right away.

Chopsticks or Fork?

chopsticks or a fork
Chopsticks or a Fork or Both!

Ahh, timeless rivals. Which is better? Which one do “civilized” people prefer? Well, its obvious to the common man that the learning curve of a fork is much steeper. It takes two seconds to stab any portion of food with a pronged stick. But, taking 2 sticks and creating a fulcrum with your hand… that is for savages!

Actually, there is a good reason to use chopsticks instead of forks. One reason is that you fill your face more slowly. You will take more bites with chopsticks. What’s the benefit here? You will take more time to let your body react to the amount of food you are eating. If you slop up your food in 5 minutes then you will eat everything that is in front of you. But, if you take 15-20 minutes to eat, your brain will tell you to stop when there is a mountain of food piled in front of you.

In fact, not only should you use chopsticks instead of forks, but you should get smaller plates and bowls too. Again, we tend to fill our bowls and plates (and our stomachs) until the container is full. Learn from this article if you have portion control problems.

Warm Water

When it’s meal time, never ask this question: “OK, everyone, do you want to drink Fresca or Diet Coke?”

You should be putting sugar in delicious Asian meals instead. Not only are the above two choices full of useless sugar, they are often served cold. Your body doesn’t deserve to be treated this way, so you should ask for water instead (no ice). Ya, you might get some strange looks the first couple times, but I promise they will understand someday.

My sainted grandfather used to say that “cold water isn’t good for yer gizzards.” After I realized that gizzards are not a some kind of lizard that lives in my body, I started to take his suggestions seriously. Really, your body is usually at a high-90s (30s ‘C) temperature. Shocking your body with iced beverages is unhealthy, although it won’t kill you (right away).

Drink warm water when you wake up and drink warm water when you have meals. If you plan a soup with your meal, then don’t worry about drinking the water.