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Second Life is a virtual world, which is creating a stir in the Real world. It allows residents to buy land, build structures, and make practically anything they want. You can sell everything from pets to clothes and rent anything from hotel rooms to “camping” gear. Over 4.5 million accounts have been created already and businesses are starting to take a real interest.

The Linden dollar ($L) is making CEOs across the world turn their heads toward the cyberworld for virtual revenue. SL’s stock market and currency exchange seem to be the most intriguing part of this (fiber optic) social fabric. Even Dominos, the pizza company, has begun selling virtual and real pizza through this new outlet.

I’ve begun exploring this world in the past two days. The benefits seem to outweigh the negatives when approaching this from my business perspective; that of the English Language businessman.

Even the ESL industry can benefit from this e-phenomenon. (How many “net-puns” can I fit in this iBlog!?) The concept is this: Much of SL is based on groups of people with similar interests. Of course, it’s more interesting because you “really” see the people you are chatting with. There is more interaction and perhaps many of the +1 million active account-holders will create a serious relationship and have ebabies… who knows!

For the entreprenuer, we can offer a wide variety of cyber-experiences and products that people will actually pay for. The most popular seem to be goods that the character can buy, similar to real life. What i want to do is related to the “English Immersion” that goes on in this world. For example, the whole world is based on the English language and students could really make great use of this.

* We can hold class in a comfortable tree house or near a beautiful stream. The group of students can meet in the cyber world. A small fee can allow them entrance…

*”Treasure hunts” could be conducted to allow them to explore the world and ask certain individuals for clues to the next spot!” Real world prizes can be awarded.

* Strictly for revenue… Sign-ups to Second Life could lead to “referral” awards from Linden Labs. (2,000L$ per preium sign-up)

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