Amazon Deals for the 2013 Holidays

Amazon.comI’d like to thank all AL.ME fans and followers for their support, comments, and sharing over the years. It’s been a wonderful hobby of mine to share experiences from my life in Asia since 2007 and earlier. I plan to keep the blog going strong even though I’ve moved back to America.

Part of keeping up a self-hosted blog includes server and domain costs that amount to about $100 out of pocket per year. So, any ad visits at all are very helpful to keeping the site funded. The ads you see on pages and posts don’t quite meet the basic financial needs yet, so I’m opening up a sort of Ad Funding drive for the holidays this year.

As an Amazon Affiliate (US market only), AL.ME can earn a small % from sales that originate from clicks on this site. No need to donate to AL.ME but please take a moment to click through today. And I’d also appreciate it if your friends could also click through the Amazon Deals on this page. Just like it, tweet it, or share it. 🙂

Thank you and have a wonderful holiday season!

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Ben Turns 30 in 2012!

30 years old
Turning 30

Hi everyone. Today I’m turning 30 and I guess I’ve been feeling 30 for a while already. Family and friends have called wishing me a great day on this occasion because I guess it is a milestone. (I’m still alive! Woohoo!) Actually, I have got to say that I’ve really enjoyed spending most of my 20s out in Asia and I would never trade those years for anything. A lifetime of experiences have come from the last 10 years: interesting people, amazing food, unusual arguments, wild adventures, new friends, and near-death experiences… who could ask for more?

Although I’ve spend most of my career as a teacher, I have certainly learned more than if I had chosen to stay local and get a job after graduation. Certainly I would have made more money and kept in better touch with friends, but I’m sure they have also found themselves busier with their own lives as the years have rolled on… And I don’t blame any of them for that – it’s life, and we all must live it in our own way. It is important, though, to remember your roots and find a way to give back to the society that raised you. And that’s why I know I will come back to New England before I’m 40. Continue reading Ben Turns 30 in 2012!