Blocked from Blogging in China

blogger in china
Blogger in China

Since 2008, I’ve had severe issues getting on Blogger and posting about what was going on in my life here in China. Proxies are available, but it’s always a headache to knowingly force your internet speed down in order to get some Blogger and Facebook time in.

But now, I’m putting my foot down. I’m going to MAKE time for these necessities. I noticed that I only blogged 8 times in 2008 and I know there were plenty of amazing opportunities for reflection and publication. Today is the start of creating a presence online for Chinese Learning Curves. It will support my own personal experiences in China both privately and in business. I’ll use a publishing filter, as mentioned on the Dragos Roua blog. Posts will not drag on until some visual quota seems to be filled. Many more good habits will be formed too!

As my experiences with and WS Online Learning develop, I will reflect that in this blog. Please contact me and tell me if you find the content useful or not. I’m looking forward to focusing this blog on the Good Stuff and giving the world Ben Piscopo’s view of what it takes to work, live, and learn in modern China.