Which would you choose? Dinner for $1.69 or $.79

Duck, Pork, and Cabbage with Rice = $1.69

Good food on a budget is a specialty not only in China, but across the developing world. In countries which have recently joined the world economy, or only within the past 20-30 years, local food traditions have stayed strong. And although Western food is becoming more popular in these countries, their preference for local traditional dishes is unlikely to change in the near future.

The one common remark that students studying abroad make about their experience is that food doesn’t meet their standards. For example, the pizza, pasta, sandwiches, and salads option that fill cafeterias in the US provoke a homesickness that is unavoidable. Looking at the common dish I had for dinner last night, could you blame them for missing home?

Right outside my apartment is the “Sichuan Room”, a Cantonese-style Sichuan restaurant which serves amazing food at a low price. Continue reading Which would you choose? Dinner for $1.69 or $.79

Was there an Earthquake in Guangdong?

Earthquake Region
Earthquake Region

No worries… at least for now. I was in the library this afternoon preparing for the HSK exam, when I felt a slight shake in the room. It was like an earthmover rumbling past the other side of the campus; not too close to hear, but just close enough to feel. As a New Englander, I’ve never experienced the actual “feel” of an earthquake before today. It was just a couple hours ago in fact. Yang Jiang seemed to have the biggest part of it with 4.9 mag. (See the far-left city on this map.)

With the Asian Games going on in Guangzhou right now, Chinese blogs are already comparing it to the massive quake in Sichuan before the Olympics in 2008. Of course, from what I’ve seen today, it hasn’t been a fraction of the size of that disaster. Thankfully, I hear business-as-usual around the neighborhood and the streets are buzzing as the sunsets outside my window…

For my family, please don’t worry. I’m perfectly fine. 🙂