Christianity in China

Last December I experienced my first Catholic mass in China… yes, it’s true, there are lots of Christians here although their numbers make up a small proportion of the population. A friend of mine in Guangzhou asked me if I’d like to go to a religious concert at a church in downtown Guangzhou. Of course my curiosity was peaked, so I checked it out and learned a few new words along the way. Master, Lord, and Surrender were pretty common in the songs.

Have a look at what the church looked like outside. The white banner on the left is the official signage which shows this church is registered with the central government. (Click image to zoom in)

Chinese Church Entrance

The inside was a little bit of a surprise to me. I guess the group was a Taiwanese, Christian band which tours throughout the world. They do English songs too. The crowd was feeling pretty spiritual, which couldn’t be a bad thing. It all reminded me of how strong capitalism truly has become in China.

Chinese Church Inside