Asian Secret #28: Spicy Beer Duck!

Beer Duck 啤酒鸭

Ah, it’s Summer time again! Sun, beach, and beer time has come; and nothing excites me more than beer-infused, Asian recipes! First, I love duck, although it is a bit fatty, and can’t wait to start making this tasty dish back home for my family. A friend of mine in Zhuhai suggested it while she was home for a holiday. So, this new recipe of Chinese deliciousness is based loosely on her Guangxi family recipe – so here it goes without further delay!

Stuff to Prep:
a duck, preferably fresh and chopped into bite-sized pieces.
a spoonful of Dou Ban Jiang (chinese bean sauce).
two cubes of Nan Ru (red fermented toufu).
a few spoonfuls of oyster sauce (any brand will do).
600mL bottle of beer (or two cans). Continue reading Asian Secret #28: Spicy Beer Duck!

Wok or Pan?

japanese wok
Japanese wok

So, when I cook in China, I use a simple wok that cost about $5 at the local supermarket. Maybe your local Asian market has this kind… If not, just find something black that is curved all the way down to the center/middle. There shouldn’t be any wide-flatness to it. It shouldn’t look like a big “V” either… I’ll upload a photo of a common wok later.

There is no science to using a wok. It’s just like another pan in your kitchen. Use it to cook various simple recipes in this blog and find new ways to cook foods you already eat a lot (like eggs). Get yourself a metal spatula too. “Teflon” isn’t really important either. It’s an expensive alternative that takes 1 minute off of clean-up time, but won’t make food taste any better.

Remember: Many of the “poorest” people in the world are eating healthier than many of the “richest” people in the world.