Life for Expats in Polluted Chinese Cities

Over the past few years living in China, the air pollution conundrum (among many development issues) has been a major concern for expats and locals alike. Just last month (October 2013) an “airpocolypse” shrouded the city of Harbin in northeastern China at a level of around 1,000 micrograms per cubic...Read More »

Back in America, one month on

Weirs Beach, NH ~ Fall 2013

On September 24, 2013 I started my repatriation experience after 8 years of Asianliving (mostly in China). Before leaving China I was told numerous times by foreign, non-Chinese friends and colleagues that I would be back in 6 months… tops… and...Read More »

After 8 Years in China, I'm moving to Boston

Me, Benji Ming

2 years ago I told a troop of Duke University students visiting China that I intended to give my current projects (via Huajie Group) another 2 years to float or sink before returning home. This summer being the 2 year mark, I’ve...Read More »

1/3 of World's Cigarettes Smoked in China

Two guys smoking

A blog that totes the wonders of Asianliving should really offer a fair slice of the other side: the health problems suffered in Asia. Suffice it to say the global news media frequently reminds us of the air quality issues across China,...Read More »

Food Deserts and Sterling Farm Markets

Wendell Pierce @ Sterling Farms

NBC Nightly News ran a report recently about “food deserts”, which is a phenomenon that occurs in low-income, rural areas of the country. (See 2004 article about Pittsburgh, NH) A food desert is where a fresh produce market...Read More »

Asian Secret #6 Walk after every meal

A walk after dinner

There’s a saying in ancient Chinese: “Walk 100 steps after every meal and you’ll live to 99 years old.” This is a reminder that food isn’t meant to sit- it should be moved around.

Avoid the following scenario: Drive to the restaurant, get...Read More »

Healthy Living resolution in 2013

Welcome to 2013!

It’s been a wonderful holiday back in the US with family and friends. This is definitely the best time of the year because it not only brings loved ones together but it also gives us an opportunity to start fresh again. And in that respect, this new year...Read More »

Ben Turns 30 in 2012!

Turning 30

Hi everyone. Today I’m turning 30 and I guess I’ve been feeling 30 for a while already. Family and friends have called wishing me a great day on this occasion because I guess it is a milestone. (I’m still alive! Woohoo!) Actually, I have got...Read More »

Yum! Southern China's Soup Culture

After getting to the real Southern China (Guangdong, not Shanghai) in 2006, I never became too fond the local pension for homemade soup. I knew it was a great excuse for parents to invite their kids home for a weekend visit and I knew there were loads of health benefits...Read More »

Christianity in China

Last December I experienced my first Catholic mass in China… yes, it’s true, there are lots of Christians here although their numbers make up a small proportion of the population. A friend of mine in Guangzhou asked me if I’d like to go to a religious concert at a church...Read More »

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