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您好!      Hello!         안녕하십니까!         こんにちは!

A Photolog of Ben in Asia

My name is Ben Piscopo and I live in China; Zhuhai to be exact. I’ve been in Asia since 2004 and I have loved almost every minute of it. Yes, there are always roadblocks and wrong turns in every adventure, but they have all been worth it. In fact, I’ve experienced enough in 5 years to truely last me a lifetime and that is why I’ve created AsianLiving.Me.

Ever since I became blocked from my  Chinese Learning Curves blog (on Blogspot), I’ve been thinking of a way to get my lessons to the outside world. I decided that weird or funny news stories have already been blogged 1000x over; and only a few volunteer-related blogs really make a difference;  and Chinese learning blogs…. forget about it! So what interesting or noteworthy stories are out there to cover?

When I thought more about my life out here, I realized that my daily routines have drastically changed since I was at Southern NH University in Manchester, NH. I eat, sleep, cook, exercise, communicate, and enjoy life differently than before. A lot of these changes were for the better, because I can see the traditional reasoning behind the way people live in Asia. But, should I be the only beneficiary of these tradition-based, non-scientific lifestyle changes?

Of course NOT! My family, friends, relatives, co-workers, and guests are welcome to share in my growth here in Asia. Let’s consider questions like: Why do we do eat how scientists tell us to eat? How much meat is too much? Why don’t we get more rest in the middle of the day? Why do we drink most of our liquids cold?

There is a healthier way to live than our “scientific and well-researched” ways suggest. I know it comes from tradition and I think we all need to remember that.

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