Learn to Brew 5 Fresh and Healthy Teas at Home

Courtesy OhLardy.com

Inspired by previous posts on green tea and proper tea consumption, I’ve decided to share a batch of simple, soothing homemade teas. As with everything here on AL.ME, these fresh and healthy tea options are meant to keep life simple and keep your body happy. We’ll select fresh, natural, inexpensive ingredients and use them to create a harmonious balance throughout the body. Let’s kick things off with a light one…

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What you didn’t know about Chinese Food in America…

American or Chinese?

For years I’ve been attempting to explain (and cook) the differences between real Chinese food and American Chinese food. At first, it surprised American friends to discover that the Chinese have never heard of dishes like Crab Rangoon, General Tso’s Chicken, Egg Rolls, Egg Foo Young, and Chop Suey. All were created in America for American taste buds.

Crab Rangoon was actually an American creation that has been served in San Francisco since the 1950s.

Egg Foo Young was an adaptation on a real Chinese dish and made its American debut in the 1930s.

General Tso’s Chicken [pronounced ‘TSAO’] was coined after a famous Chinese general but the people of his modern-day hometown in Xiangyin, Hunan province have never tried it before! (See Jennifer’s talk below)

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Asian Secret #19 Bowls instead of Plates

Announcing... The Dinner Bowl

Try eating dinner tonight out of bowls. You don’t have to change your forks, knives, or spoons. Just use this smaller container for your food. The Asian tradition of using bowls instead of plates can make a big impact on how much we eat at meal time. Smaller plates work fine too.

When Dr. Nancy Snyderman is speaking about obseity concerns on the news, she frequently suggests using smaller plates.

Don’t forget: Eating 2 servings in a smaller container is better than 1 big serving in a bigger container.

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Asian Secret #15 The Human Touch

Two friends holding hands

A long two-hand handshake. An arm around a friend. A hand on the knee.

These may seem like ways to flirt, but they are very common among same-sex friends across many Asian countries. Men touch men and women touch women. Closeness is important for relationships and it should be shown in a healthy way.

While we’re on the topic… Remember to hold your loved ones and show them that you love them. Today, give them an extra long hug or hold a hand a little longer. Don’t worry about what it looks like.

The human touch can be more important than words.

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Asian Secret #14 Give without Expectations

Friends and Family First

One type of glue which holds society together across Asia is the truly giving nature of friendships. Having lived in Asian countries since 2004, I had never experienced such generosity before coming here. One of the more friendly ways to show your sincere friendship is to treat others to a meal or buy a round at your table.

Charity starts at home. If you don’t donate to charity very often (or at all), why not spend a little extra on the people you care about most?

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