Expat Blogging in Asia

AsianLiving.ME is not really an expat site, although expats can find it useful. The health, lifestyle, and cooking tips are meant for people trying to live a better life in their own country. That is one of the major differences that AL.ME offers to readers.

There are countless blogs that support the expat community around Asia and the World. When I first came to China I was frequently using WuxiLife, an expat site which was always worth checking up on.

Every 1 million+ city in Asia has its own local expat site, so this page is a place for my guests to find the ones with the most content and information.

Expat-Blog.com: A directory of blogs and expat communities around the world! (See our Listing!)

Best Blogs Asia: A directory of blogs from around Asia. (AL.ME is a member!)