My favorite bits from The Interview

One word: Hilarious.
One word: Hilarious.

The Interview gets 5 stars from me. Here are some bits I’ll never forget and neither should you:

  • Hilarious! By far the funniest take on US-North Korean, geopolitical affairs I’ve ever seen.
  • Unkorean – So much Hollywood /slash/ American culture, with a speckling of Korean bits.
  • James Franco – Looks like my cousin! “They hate us cuz they ain’t us!”
  • Suuk – When did Eun Jae start her acting career?! (@MiahCouhie, @KimEunJae)
  • Manja manja! – That’s what people want, “Give us some shit!” So, true, people want the shit…
  • 50 KM west of DanDong – “Did you just say China? And did you just say Dong?” Awesome hat tip to China’s DongBei region with a Jay Chow (周杰伦) soundtrack.
  • Sleeper car – Such an awesome sleeper car shot with a mixed group of Chinese. The smoke-wherever-you-want thing is spot on!


  • Honeypot – What’s the translation for getting Honey-potted (and honey-dicked)?
  • Same, same – “Inside we same-same… but different!” Brings me back to Thailand (@JakeBurgess)
  • Supermarket – “This looks like the Wholefoods in my neighborhood.” Ahhh, so accurate…
  • Dragon Dog – “It’s like a big, orange, stripey dog!” So awesome that they filmed in a tiger patch.
  • Hairy like a bear! – “And your nipples are so pink!” Oh, the fascination with white guy truly exists out there…
  • Kim! – Great casting of Kim Jong Eun. Lovable yet crazy. “Yes, I have a butthole, and it’s working overtime.” (@RandallPark)
  • Potato yields – Such a classic way to draw attention away from major political faux pas of the past.
  • Slow mo ending – Kim’s head blowing up in slow mo with the boom-boom track. Not a terrible ending for a comedy.