Japanese Radioactive Rain

"Japanese Earthquake! That's great!"

In the past few days, since the earthquake/tsunami crisis in Japan, a lot of rumors have spilled over into the rest of Asia. With a death toll climbing, there has been an awkwardly friendly tone between the Chinese and Japanese. Chinese QQ groups often send each other a gif (animated picture) of laughing Chinese farmers with a caption about how the great news happening in Japan… I guess we (Americans) aren’t the only ones with twisted humor!

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But with all the political rhetoric that exists we are merely human and quite gullible! Since the nuclear reactor explosions, there have been notices about how we should not go outside during rainstorms because of the acidity circulating in the “Asian weather system” right now. It’s possible that the Koreas and Northeast China might be effected, but its really hard to believe this would effect Southern China… about 2,000 KM away from Japanese ground zero. The jet stream makes it literally impossible.

Fukushima, Japan

As far as dangerous rain, we should be used to it here in the industrialized parts of China. Pollution has been spewing into rivers and lakes for decades! For the sake of the locals, let’s hope that the current situation isn’t deemed “acceptable” now that the acid rain rumors have been washed out to sea.

Neighbors of Japan have also expressed legitimate fears of what has emptied out of rain clouds immediately after the nuclear power plant in Fukushima (ironically translated as “Good-Fortune Island”) exploded. After spewing illegally-toxic radioactive water into the sea, many neighbors of Japan have begun to react. People are keeping children home from school on rainy days all across Northeast Asia.