Asian Secret #9 A good day starts with a good morning…

Sakura blossoms in Spring

An ancient Chinese saying reminds us that “A good day starts with a good morning, and a good year starts with a good Spring.”

This is why morning exercise is very important because is increases your chances of having a great day. Now challenge yourself to have a better year.

Spring is a time of rebirth and rejuvenation. Plan out this new year and get things on the right track this Spring. Make this year happen on purpose.

Asian Secret #8 Morning exercise

Fan dancing in Shanghai

It’s not just for old people… Everyone should do morning exercise. Any kind of morning activity is fine, whether it be stretching, dancing, working out, etc. Doing something is better than waking up and going straight to work or class. Its not just because “it’s good for you”, its because you are getting your motor started. Your metabolism will get revving and that’s all you need to start a perfect day.

Start with 5-10 minutes everyday and you will have noticeably more energy everyday. Remember, it should be something you enjoy doing and not just another chore.