Euphemisms make the World go ‘Round

chinese guanxi
“Relationships?” More like leverage…

Author’s Note: I’m 100% supportive of strong family bonds and filial piety. The rest of this article is not intended as a slam against traditional expectations within a family, but it is intended to get Westerners thinking about “guanxi” differently.(Chinese readers and friends, please comment on this below.) 

When I have a chat with friends, family, or even strangers about The Chinese Way of doing things, the conversation never fails to include the word “relationships.” But using guanxi to get things done is not all it may seem on the surface. It’s not just about friends helping friends… and when you’ve truly used guanxi to get something done you will likely feel different about that friendship afterward.

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What do you Wear to a Naked Wedding in China?

Naked Wedding
Naked Wedding

Naked weddings (裸婚) are the latest craze in China! They are so popular nowadays, especially among the younger generation. But why do so many people decide to go through with a naked wedding? Although most parents aren’t happy about this latest marriage trend, it is very difficult to avoid it. And if there is going to be a naked wedding, and you get an invitation, what should you wear? The answer might surprise you… Continue reading What do you Wear to a Naked Wedding in China?